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Experience the majestic view

of Kingston from cool, cool

Greenwich, Silver Oaks.

a country home away from the city 

Stay in a beautiful four-bedroom country cottage, a temperate climate in the tropics.



silver oaks cottage

The cottage is spacious with high ceilings, large windows, an open balcony and a beautiful view of Kingston and St. Andrew. Stay cozy by the fireplace and snuggle comfortably in the queen-sized bedroom. 


All you need to pack: soft luggage for easy storage, sweaters, wraps, sneakers and socks.

Outdoor-View 650 x 270.jpg


Conveniently located in the cool hills of Blue Mountain near Holywell, our cottage will sweep you into the charm and excitements of the area! You may visit: Holywell National Park for picnics, nature and waterfall trails, New Castle the Jamaica Defence Force Training Depot Blue Mountain Bicycle Tours for cycling Old Tavern Coffee Estate tour with Dorothy Twyman

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